Deep Practice, Wide Practice

In order to produce lasting effects, i.e., true body-mind, liberating transformation, practice must be deep. In this teisho on the first day of the first sesshin in 2018 Mitra-roshi speaks to this.

Self Image, the Source of Suffering

"As we grow, from the time of our birth, we experience events and reactions and responses from everything and everyone. As a result we develop a self-image. That self-image appears to be solid and unchanging, and though it is anything but that, we feel compelled to defend, protect, and otherwise maintain it. The result is suffering. In this teisho given on Day 3 of the January 2018 sesshin at Mountain Gate [], Mitra-roshi speaks to how deep Zen practice can reveal the truth of who we really are and thereby realize the freedom inherent in that."

Insight, Surrender & Freedom

Continuing the sharing and commenting on Kathleen Dowling Singh's final book, Unbinding: The Grace Beyond Self, Mitra-roshi discusses practice which leads to insight which leads to the letting go of clinging so tenaciously to the illusory self-image and to the subsequent freedom from pervasive suffering.

Dependent Arising You Can Become Free

A classic teaching of Buddhism is that of Dependent Origination or Dependent Arising; it spells out how we create suffering for ourselves and others. In this teisho, Mitra-roshi continues sharing and commenting on Kathleen Dowling Singh's book, Unbinding, taking up the subject of Dependent Origination.

Attention, Awareness & Curiosity

Attention and awareness are the first steps toward awakening. When we add curiosity to it as well, in particular, wordless curiosity about mind states—especially funky ones—we take it a step further. In today's teisho on Day 6 of the January 2018 sesshin at Mountain Gate, Mitra-roshi shares and continues to comment on Kathleen Dowling Singh's final book, Unbinding: the Grace Beyond Self.

Attention, Awareness & Curiosity II

Continuing the subject of yesterday's teisho, Mitra-roshi again takes up the vital importance of attention, awareness and curiosity in reaching true Enlightenment.

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