Mountain Gate

Emergency Vehicle Replacement

Mt. Gate
Mountain Gate's only vehicle was totaled on Thursday, October 26. Having a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive SUV or truck that can manage rough roads, ice and snow, is essential here in these mountains. Given the increasing prices of fossil fuels and our concern for climate change, a Rav4 Hybrid would be an ideal replacement for our 20-year old Toyota 4wd truck. Our need is immediate. Thank you for your consideration!
Your support makes a difference!

Program Support for Mountain Gate

Mt. Gate

In making your donations, you are supporting these important programs:

Mountain Gate offers spiritual support, guidance and a full schedule of sesshin [traditional meditation retreats] for those engaging in or wishing to engage in Zen Buddhist meditation.  

At Mountain Gate we also provide, through our nonsectarian outreach program, special free RegainingBalance retreats for women veterans suffering from PTSD.

Your program makes a difference in many veterans’ lives.

—New Mexico VetConnect

This essential expansion has made it possible to offer RegainingBalance Retreats for Women Veterans with PTSD to twice as many women right when more participants are applying; it also makes it possible to offer sesshin [meditation retreats] to more Zen meditation participants.

Campaign to Rebuild the Kannon-do—CURRENTLY ON HOLD

For the time being, this project is on hold for several reasons. We'll be letting you know when it goes live again. Thank you!