• Gratitude

  • Special Orders/Requests

    On this page you will find examples of some of the calligraphy pieces recently sold by Mitra Roshi. If you wish to have something similar—it won’t be identical since each piece is done by hand and is unique—you are welcome to contact Mitra Roshi through the inquiry button which is under each of the calligraphies.

    Depending on Roshi’s schedule, it may take up to three weeks to receive the piece.

    Some of these calligraphies are on “shikishi,” a special gold-rimmed board used specifically for calligraphy in Japan. They are $100. Others are on larger paper and are more expensive. However it may be possible to make a smaller version on shikishi board—just be sure to mention that you'd like a shikishi in the text field of the inquiry form.

  • Non-Grasping

  • Patience, Forbearance

  • Change

  • Happiness

  • Peacefulness

  • Pure Radiance,
    Subtle Clarity

  • Moon

  • Mu ichi motsu—
    Not one thing!

  • Mind Empty, Heart Open